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Posted on: July 28, 2009

Hi there,

I havent had much progress this week…

I had re-done my website on to my mentor’s site (Mark) so that the website can easily be shared. I am maily trying to make the course timetables and trying to put tabs on them so that when you click on the tabs you can connect the tabs to pdf files..this is quite difficult. I know how to make the tabs on Adobe Fireworks and connect the link onto, for examples google. But when i make a HTML file, it cant be uploaded onto the google site as it ‘doesnt support this format’, so im trying to get a way around this.



Posted on: July 21, 2009

Hi there, I have decided to post weekly to my progress. I have done quite a lot this week. I have been working on my website.

Firstly, I have made a blue banner, encorporacting the wmin logo. Making it the right size took time as well as trying to find a good match with my website title theme, which is also light blue

 Untitled base


Now just uploading the picture, i just thought why not outline the banner in the same red colour as the wmin logo?! i love experimenting and trying out different things and ways, though it does take a bit of time.



Secondly,I have been going through the wmin biosciences website and gathering bits of information on making my department pages and the home page.

I have shown an example of going into the Department of Biomedical Sciences, and extracting its home page information. I have also gone on each of the staff members individual info. I copied and pasted all the contacts one by one on notebook and transferred them onto my website. I changed the colour blue for the contacts and white for the email addresses. I did the same for the other two departments.

I also tried to look for a picture of all the staff members in one photo, but there arent any avaliable. On the website there are individual staff images, but most staff members dont have one, I didnt put any pictures on for the sake of consistency. I would have liked to have department pictures, something that portrays the department etc. I didnt what to use google images as Westminster would have many things to show off in the departments and would be good to use as pictures. As i cant find any pictures like this, I found 3 pictures of the Cavendish builiding from different angles, this would be okay to use, short term wise, until I can find pictures more relevant to the page. The cavendish building picture should really be on the home page.


Thirdly when i went out to london i took a few pictures of the houses of parliament, big ben, westminster bridge and the london eye.  I also took our tourist attraction pictures from the internet. I hope to add more pictures to the collection on the slide show I have made. I first made a video of the collages i made with background music.

I have also made a PINDAX noticeboard on the annoucements. I have put in the recent wmin accouncements I get via email on the board.

Lastly, I have made a timetable for Pharmacology and physiology over the next three years,. I like this much better than have bullet points of the module. I will also like to include the way you may be assessed in each module (MCQs, in class essay etc) and the first and second semester modules. I also am working on making the timetable for other degrees. This is taking time as I have to plan this; i have to categorise the modules and understand where they should go as well as producing the timetable.

Its been fun developing all this! When i develop when idea i get other ideas i want to make into the website:)




Posted on: July 14, 2009


Hi again!

Ive been busy for the last few days and haven’t been able to blog my progress. So far I have made a forum, which is continuously been updated and improved. I started off with a standard forum and had changes being made. The first change that took place was the main title of my forum which is called ‘Biosciences in Motion’ it took quite a lot of time to get the sort of title to be looking the way I wanted to be. I started the title from scratch on Adobe Photoshop and here are the print screens to show my progress:

 I have painted over the title, the title background is the same colour as the forum background. I checked the forum background by checking the CSS colour. I like the colour blue as it is eye catching






I have uploaded the different title images onto photobucket where they are easily saved together and so i can get the URL easily to put onto the website




I have started adding different categories onto the forum

forum categories



Here is what i have achieved as a whole so far:


HI there, this is my new blog , im not sure yet how this works



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